BLACKOUT A2 – non-combustible blackout fabric



There is a wide range of black-out fabrics available for various applications. However, they mostly share one thing in common – a flame retardancy level that does not exceed  B1 / M1. After extensive development work, Stottrop Textil can now offer BLACKOUT A2,  non-combustible blackout fabric, according to EN 13501-1 A2-s2,d0.


BLACKOUT A2 is of particular interest for use in public buildings that experience a high number of visitors, such as air-ports, railway stations, museums and other buildings where the usual ‘flame-retardant’ classification is perceived as not good enough. Also it can be use as roller blinds in trains, railways, tubes and subways.


BLACKOUT A2 consists of a finely woven glass textile laminated with several ultra-thin layers, which ensures a perfect black-out without residual light.

Therefore the light-transmission value of visible- and UV light is 0,0 %.


The amazingly light weight of only 380 g/m2 (approx.) greatly facilitates handling characteristics when used as curtains or as a blind.

The standard width is 150 cm and can be increased by thermal welding or by bonding the selvedges.

BLACKOUT A2 allows the designer great flexibility. The approach of having one side matt-black and the other light-grey combines functionality with an aesthetically appealing surface. The textile heart of the material is permanently displayed.


Both sides of the non-combustible blackout fabric may be printed, to allow for individualised designs.

The operational areas are roofed or limited outdoor operations, like:


Exhibition halls, conference rooms, air-ports, railway stations, cinemas, theatres, laboratories, libraries, railways, tubes, subways etc.


non-combustible blackout fabric at Leiszhalle, Hamburg

Leiszhalle, Hamburg, ceiling darkening