Architectural textiles up to a width of 320 cm/ 126 inches

Application areas

Light sails / Acoustic sails / Low-e fabrics / Theater – and Stage construction / Digital printing / Exhibition stands / Museums / Specialised Developments

Glass fibre fabrics according to DIN 4102-A2 and EN 13501-1, A2-s1,d0

Synthetic fabrics according to DIN 4102-B1 and EN 13501-1, B-s1,d0

Example of application – Football stadium Munich

Solar protection combined with acoustic resonating surfaces.

For the roof of the football stadium in Munich, Stottrop delivered glass fibre fabric which had to meet exceptionally high technical and quality standards. The light sails covering an area of 36000 m² are partially retractable. At the press of a button the solar screens can be retracted or extended to ensure that during the times that the ground is not being played on, the grass surface receives sufficient sun light to be able to grow.

In addition the light sails improve the acoustic properties within the arena for the benefit of the spectators. To achieve the requirements on light and acoustic properties demanded by the Architects Herzog & de Meuron (Basel), Stottrop Textil worked in close co-operation with dedicated light and acoustic institutes.

The fabric had to meet the following defined standards:

  • The material for the light sails as an incombustible, grey, woven fabrics according to the fire classification DIN 4102 – A2.
  • Measured values for solar radiation:
  • Reflection min. 55 %, Transmission max. 40 %, Absorption max. 5 %