GLASS 320 WHITE according to DIN EN 13501 A2



GLASS 320 WHITE is a special development from Stottrop-Textil, designed for prestige applications in textile architecture. Not only does this fabric meet many demanding technical specifications, but it is also supplied at an exceptionally wide width320 cm – and with an attractive textile surface.GLASS 320 WHITE is of especial interest for use in public buildings with a high frequency of visitors, e.g. air-ports, railway stations, museum or other special installations that need fire protection, as this material is non-combustible and is certificated according to the new standard EN 13501-1 A2-s1,d0.

GLAS 320 WHITE has numerous applications:



The single side coating has been adjusted to meet the requirements of LED technology.  For all types of light, whether from natural, fluorescent, or LED sources, GLAS 320 WHITE works as a diffusor that provides homogeneous light distribution without ‘star-effects’ (pinholes).


Reflected light:

The pure white surface is bright and reflection-free, and can be used for illumination or as a projection screen.


Wall covers:

‘GLAS 320 WHITE’ has high tensile strength, allowing longer spans.
The generous width makes large, seam-free areas feasible.


Printing media:

When printing pictures, photos or signs, the surface is suitable for use
with screen print, digital-print, UV-print, solvent-print and latex-print technologies.


Zoning / Covers:

This dust-proof and non-combustible fabric is the optimum solution when a flexible wall is required, and can provide temporary physical separation during building alterations in shopping halls or mobile partitions in factory workshops and car parks.


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