GLASS 300 KK + 2 according to DIN EN 13501 A2

The fabric GLASS 300 KK + 2 is a versatile architectural textile, combining many valuable properties in one material.

Stottrop-Textil has developed this translucent acoustic fabric to improve the acoustic-feel of a room. A clear coating on glass textile allows day-light to enter buildings.

A width of 320 cm allows the design of large areas without seams.

GLASS 300 KK + 2 is of particular interest for use in public buildings with a high frequency of visitors, e.g. air-ports, railway stations, museums or other special installations that need fire protection, as this material is non-combustible and is certificated according to the new standard

EN 13501-1 A2-s1,d0.

GLASS 300 KK + 2 has numerous applications:


The clear coating has been designed to allow high light transmission.


This fabric is able to improve the acoustics in a room significantly. In many new buildings there is sound-reflection due to the use of glass, cement and hard floors. The result is an unwanted resonance, which can affect

the clarity of   sound within a room.

GLASS 300 KK + 2 acts like a sponge to absorb sound waves. Reflections are minimized, so there will be no echoes. Other sound waves cannot overlay or constrict.

An additional absorber-foam or fleece is not needed – resulting in significant cost-saving.

Thinner frames can be used, providing further savings.

The sound absorption coefficient has a level of αw = 0,40 (MH) which is considered good for glass-fibre fabrics.

More importantly, absorption reaches a maximum of up to 0,74 for the relevant range for human speech (500 – 2.000 Hz).

Wall covers:

GLASS 300 KK + 2 has high tensile strengths, allowing longer spans.

The generous width makes large seam-free areas feasible.

Printing media:

For the printing of pictures, photos or signs this surface is suitable for use with

different printing methods: screen print, digital-print, UV-print, solvent-print or



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