The fireproof light and print fabric for outdoor use!


The use of light textiles in an outdoor environment has always been a challenge. Fireproof, A2 classified fabrics are very rare in the marked and the solutions available so far are often heavy and darken the room a lot.

We have developed the new article GLASS PREMIUM, which looks high-value and allows a lot of natural light to pass through. The coating is dirt-repellent and prevents the growth of algae and verdigris.

You can see at the first look that the product is not a tarpaulin but in fact a fabric.

GLASS PREMIUM is normally delivered in white but there are no restrictions in it’s design, because of it’s ability to be used for digital printing processes.


  • light, with approx. 295 g/m²
  • 320 cm width of goods, without seams
  • customizable with the digital printing processes: latex, UV, pigment and solvent
  • non inflammable, certified by EN 13501-1 A2 -s1, d0
  • dirt-repellent
  • fungicidal
  • good roll characteristics
  • sun protection
  • illuminable and able to be backlit
  • suitable for sewing and heat-sealing


The operational areas are roofed or limited outdoor operations, like:

Illuminated ceilings, canopies, facade advertising, escape routes, sun protection, restaurants, flying structures, museums, hotels, shopping centers, trade fairs, car dealerships and many more.

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