The non-flammable wallpaper

Example for an non-flammable wallpaper

The non-flamable wallpaper

Fireproof wallpaper has become an integral part of interior decoration in public areas. The A2 wallpaper by Stottrop-Textil is certified according to the EU standard EN 13501-1 including special inks. With the non-combustible photo wallpaper, individual room designs in public areas are no longer limited. The high-quality material can be printed on both sides and attached to the wall with a common wallpaper paste.

Which printing systems are certified with?

Pigment printing when using the inks:        MULTIPLOT PG-5 KR

Latex printing when using the inks:             HP Series CR331 to CR337

What does A2-s1, d0 mean?

A2-s1, d0 materials are non-flammable and only show little smoke development and no burning dripping of the fabric.

This high quality wall covering has many applications:

Weather as a decoration, warnin sign or adveritsement space in

Bars, restaurants, hospitals, trade fair booths, hotels, mental health facilities, schools, nurseries, universities, theaters, airports, train stations, emergency exits, waiting areas, waiting areas and any areas where a high level of fire protection is required or desired.


For use with light, the single-sided coating was designed to meet the challenge of LED technology. No matter whether natural light, fluorescent tubes or LED technology. The high-quality Fabricis well suited for light frames.

GLASS A2 PRINT is a diffuser that provides a pleasant homogeneous light distribution.