GLASS A2 PRINT combines the requirements of high-quality digital printing with the highest standards of fire protection.

It is an unique, that the digital printing ink is already a part of the A2 certification.

The fabric including the ink is non flammable!


Now it is possible to install non flammable signs, logos, photos and printed advertisements in public buildings with high public traffic e.g. shopping centers, airports, train stations, museums, hospitals or in other installation situations, requiring special fire protection such as escape routes.

GLASS A2 PRINT meets the requirements of non-combustibility, certified according to the European standard EN 13501-1, A2 -s1, d0 for two printing systems at the same time

Pigment printing: by using the inks:    MULTIPLOT PG-5 KR
Latex printing: by using the inks:         HP Series CR331 to 337


The fine structure of GLASS A2 PRINT not only looks like a noble fabric, but in combination with the coordinated coating it ensures a comfortable soft grip.
One side is dull white and the other is silky glossy. You choose which side you prefer to print.


GLASS A2 PRINT has numerous applications:



The single side coating has been adjusted to meet the requirements of LED technology. For all types of light, whether from natural, fluorescent, or LED sources.
GLASS A2 PRINT works as a diffusor that provides homogeneous light distribution without ‘star-effects’ (pinholes).


Printing media:

When printing pictures, photos, photo wallpapers or signposts, both surfaces are suitable to the printing technologies pigment printing and latex printing.