PTFE MESH as facade fabric at Zurich Airport

The Circle, Airport Zürich

PTFE MESH turns a facade into unique architecture.


This glass-fiber fabric or facade fabric is coated with a Teflon coating. The chemical term for Teflon is PTFE. The unique properties of Teflon are already known from many other applications. e.g. the incomparable dirt repellency and the high stability against environmental influences. These properties make PTFE-MESH glass fabric the perfect material for your building envelope.

A facade concept with which building structures can be marked much more attractively. In the textile PTFE-MESH fabric, we combine very strong glass fibers to form a defined non-flammable mesh and encapsulate the fibers with a special PTFE coating. These Teflon fabrics are stretched on frames that are hung in front of the facade of the building. The open hole size can be chosen so that from the inside of the building can be easily seen through the facade to the outside. From the outside, the building appears as a light and clear surface. This combination opens up completely new design possibilities for builders and architects. And not only for old but also for new building facades:

Properties of the PTFE-MESH:

  • up to 400 cm fabric width
  • can be ordered according to desired color, also copper, silver or gold – colors
  • non-flammable, certified according to EN 13501-1 A2 – s1, d0
  • available in different open hole sizes
  • high weather resistance
  • sunscreen
  • front- and backlighting
  • air and exhaust gas permeable

Application areas:

Airports, museums, public facilities, valuable offices, parking garages, exhibition halls and many more.

In addition to new buildings, facades that have fallen into disrepair can thus appear. The elements of the facade mesh can be creatively arranged, e.g. by twisting or tiling, and give the building owner freedom to shape the facade. This creates completely new structures for the viewer, which are not only fascinating by day, but can also be front- or backlighting at night.


PTFE MESH as facade fabric