Save and store energy with technical textiles

save and store energy

Save and store energy with fabrics from Stottrop-Textil

Save and store energy is essential for every company, both for the environmental balance and to save unnecessary heating or cooling costs.

With the technical textiles from Stottrop-Textile you have many possibilities


Deployment Examples
Machines enclosure ➠ like a tent
Machinery roller blinds ➠ quick rolling curtain
Warehouse partitioning / curtains ➠ mobile partitions erected in minutes
thermal workplace optimization ➠ improved protection of employees


The materials can be used to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and halls without the need for costly insulation layers. Retroffitting without much effort is usually not a problem.

The function is performed by encapsulating the energy used. Whether you want to keep it cool, warm or hot. The fabrics divide or separate the premises into different temperature zones. Technically, convection / air exchange is prevented. In addition, the heat radiation is reflectet. That is, the energy is reflected back to the place where it comes from. A technical term for these materials is low-e.

Stottrop-Textile offers a range of light and heavier fabrics for many different applications. The heat reflection rate is up to 96% for the GLASS REFLECT. The effect is effective even at high sub-zero temeratures. All materials are soft and have good rolling properties. They require very little storage space and can be easily assembled and disassembled. A big plus besides saving and storing energy are the tested fire properties. All engery-saving textiles are flame retardant non-combustible and can thus be used anywhere.