GLASS REFLECT – High performance low-e fabric A2

High performance low-e fabric A2

Normally a thick layer of insulation is needed in order to provide effective thermal protection tobuildings. Now, however, a better solution is on offer: GLASS-REFLECT. High-performance, low-e coatings on a special glass support fabric reflect thermal radiation almost 100%.

Dependent upon requirements, external heat can be held at bay, allowing acool room temperature to be maintained.

….or a pleasantly warm room can remain so, no matter how cold outside

Thermographic test DIN EN 13187:

On the backside of the fabric is in the middle a heat radiator directed, with a temperature of 200°C.


Start of the testing on the front side with 0 min.          Even after 5 min. of testing there is nearly no warming measurable.


Result: The heat energy will be reflected to more than 96 %!

GLASS-REFLECT combines high strength with a thickness of less than 0.5mm, making installation far easier and providing unbeatable rolling characteristics, even after 10.000 rolling cycles.

The low-e fabric GLASS REFLECT is available in two options:


  • both sides silver                                                                     with a low-e value of 0,04
  • einseitig Gold und auf der anderen Seite Silber               with a low-e value of 0,09


If a metallic appearance is not desired it is possible to add a white, light-weight acoustic fabric, such as GLAS 300 KK + 2.
These combinations supplement excellent thermal insulation with a bright, aesthetically-appealing surface, which provides an effective acoustic barrier.


GLASS REFLECT is classified as non-combustible, according to EN 13501-1 A2 – s1, d0.